May 18, 2009

Amethyst + Turquoise 6

slowly but surely, I am getting back to at least make something everyday....

Simple earrings, yet this is definitely one of the my favorite color combo of gems! Brazilian Amethyst with Sleeping Beauty Turquoise with vermeil and GF findings.... ah...

May 9, 2009

It really has been awhile since I've last updated my blog.... so many things has happened in the past few months plus I think I am still depressed with my father's passing..... it's almost scary how time flies sometimes.....

I've been trying to keep up with making at least one new thing per day, and so far that seems to be working out well.... big or small, I am making them... :) May not be posting them here but I will for sure share those that I think are notable still....

Here's my newest one, I named this Aquatic Bloom.

Aquatic Bloom Necklace by *CrysallisCreations on deviantART

This piece started with a vision of blooming coral within the deep blue sea.... or even some exotic flowers that can be found at Rain Forest, blooming near the water....Calm, nothing intruding, yet with so much textures of nature all around.....

Not one of the most complicated piece that I've made, yet this one took a lot of time and thoughts and planning.

Borosilicate lampwork made by Kristan Child of Redside Designs, huge Moss Aqua brio topped with Pyrite, Apatite, Kyanite, Keishi pearls, Rainbow Moonstone. I've accented with small faceted Blue Green Sapphire rondelles through out since it goes real well with the rest, random Lemon Quartz in assortment of sizes/shape as well as a few Chrysoprase faceted rondelles for accent.

All wired with oxydized Sterling Silver, closed with a handmade wirewrapped hook clasp.

And here are a few shots of details of the same piece.

Aquatic Bloom Necklace - colla by *CrysallisCreations on deviantART

I've also been trying to catch up with some custom orders, long overdue... sigh... will for sure share anything significant if there's any!!!

'til next time!! :)