May 2, 2013

migration of blog

It's been awhile since I've used this platform, and for those wondering, I've moved to , so if you are still interested in reading my random updates with my jewelry making journey and / or my beads then please follow me there! 

Looking forward to seeing you! 

June 13, 2012

Been awhile.....  LOL  so sorry, but I am really really a bad bad BAD blogger.  I am on so many social networks right now and sometimes I feel like that I am pretty talked out!  LOL 

So yes you can find me on Plurk, and I am now also on Facebook!  So if you miss my rambling, you can find me here:  but I doubt it...  :P 

Let's see...  I would say the most exciting update in my life will be becoming part of a great Etsy street team!  Etsy's Best Kept Secret team! 

It's a very very small team, though I've known a few of the members for a few years now, but these ladies are quickly becoming like family!  I adore each and everyone of them!  Here's a little peek at one of our team collage that I've made from a few months back, with some of their items!

Isn't this a great collection of artisans?  Diverse offerings from great individuals, we have people who focus creating with wire, lace jewelry maker, vintage inspired pieces, and of course metalsmiths!  If you ever get an opportunity to work with any one of us, you will know that each of us are as true and genuine as you expected!  And we all worked hard to offer the kind of service that we as buyers want to receive as well! 

You can keep up with our team updates here on Facebook: 

Oh and just a little hint.....  in celebrating our Team fanpage fan growth by leaps and bound lately, we are brewing up something fun as a team!  So do keep a close watch either on my page, or become a fan to EBKS (Etsy's Best Kept Secret) Team fanpage!  It'll be a great chance to get to know us and what we offer! 

Until next time!! 


April 2, 2011

SATeam is having a Mother's Day Giveaway Event!

It's true. Mother's Day is on the 8th of May, so we put our heads together and came up with this fabulous event to give away some handmade jewelry.
There won't be just one winner in the giveaway, but three! You heard right. There will be three gift certificates, one for 100 $, one for 50 $ and one for 25 $.
You can choose one or more items from the different participating shops if you win one of them! Now is that cool or is that COOL?

It's really easy to enter. Go to the team blog, you'll find all the necessary information there!

November 30, 2010

Holiday seasons....

A good thing!! For most I guess.... but sometimes during holiday season is the most stressful for me at least!! Especially during Christmas time!! GAH!!

So I think I am fairly prepped for my fund raising event for Make-A-Wish Foundation here at Hong Kong, which will start tomorrow December 1st through the 26th, along with many many other things that's scheduled to be done... o.O

But of course... I had to also play with some blings right? So I did... :P finished with this project that I've been working on on-and-off for a few weeks now I think...

Antiqued Lyra by *CrysallisCreations on deviantART

TaDa!!! this is what I've been working on, on and off sort of speak... When I first started the frame work looked like Taj Mahal, then it turned into a flower pot... THEN it turned into looking like lyra! HA

freeform wirearapped with oxydized Sterling Silver wire, GEM Beer Quartz brio, Artisan made boro lampwork by Kristan of Redside Designs, Ruby, Kyanite, Rhodolite Garnet, Peridot, Citrine, Pyrite randomly used... finished with a strip of Native American made leather strip... :)

freeform wirewrapping is not my forte, but sometimes some just asked to be made this way I guess...

November 21, 2010

BLOG #2 for the day!!

ah yes.... first off, let's hope I won't give a certain German a heart attack by doing so....

BUT seriously people!! If you haven't check out the Scavenger Hunt held by the Polymer Clay Smoosher Guild on ArtFire, you are REALLY SERIOUSLY missing out on some great prizes!!! I know the keyword FREE means a lot to a lot of people this holiday season, so why not try to win one of these gorgeous artisan crafted piece of jewelry for your mom, daughter, girlfriend, or even for yourself!!! I honestly don't mind owning a few more from these great artisan myself but.... can't be too greedy now can I? So I am willing to share... teehee....

Here are the prizes!!! Aren't they amazing?? You can find more details at their Guild Blog here: and really... it is honestly not as hard as I thought.... and yes I am willing to share and I promise you will not be on my blackbook if you enter!!!

Have fun!!! And good luck!!! :D

November 20, 2010

My Musing Muse.....

as most of you know by now, I am basically a hoard.... of all things bling, of all things artistic, of all things handmade. So when I had the opportunity to own a few artisan made filigree that's made by a good friend of mine, I had to jump on such opportunity!!! Meganne Woodland is such an amazing filigree artist that I was proud to call her my friend, and I was ecstatic when I was able to own a few of her pieces, though it's more like a challenge, as she wanted to see what will happen when I work with her pieces, if they'll turn out so different from her own style....

Fairy? by *CrysallisCreations on deviantART

So here's what I did. The main focal of this new necklace is on that filigree made by Meganne. The rest just flowed....

I hope you're happy with what I've done Meganne!! XO Thank you! For giving me such a great opportunity to play with one of your gorgeous piece!

October 24, 2010

Pearls, pearls, pearls

Do you know the song "Girls, girls, girls" by Sailor? It always takes me back hearing that song. As I'm an oldie listening to the oldie radio station, I hear it quite often.

"Girls, girls, girls. Yellow, red, black or white, add a little bit of moonlight ..." Oh, so no politically correct any more, but hey, those were the 70s.

Funny enough hearing that song today took me to a different road.
How about "Pearls, pearls, pearls. Silver, peach, brown or gold, great to look at and great to hold ...". Oh come on, so I am no song writer. You still get the drift, don't you? I never used to be much of a pearl person. As a cancerian I was always a little disappointed that my birthstone was not even a stone. A sparkly one, preferrably. With a deep color and fire. But no, I got pearls, the stuff that old ladies wore.
I have grown up since. And I have learned. And now - oh, let's stop the talking.

Have a look at these and tell me it doesn't itch in your fingers to use them.

Just click on the picture. You know you want to ....

You'd like to know more about pearls? Check out this post!