October 24, 2010

Pearls, pearls, pearls

Do you know the song "Girls, girls, girls" by Sailor? It always takes me back hearing that song. As I'm an oldie listening to the oldie radio station, I hear it quite often.

"Girls, girls, girls. Yellow, red, black or white, add a little bit of moonlight ..." Oh, so no politically correct any more, but hey, those were the 70s.

Funny enough hearing that song today took me to a different road.
How about "Pearls, pearls, pearls. Silver, peach, brown or gold, great to look at and great to hold ...". Oh come on, so I am no song writer. You still get the drift, don't you? I never used to be much of a pearl person. As a cancerian I was always a little disappointed that my birthstone was not even a stone. A sparkly one, preferrably. With a deep color and fire. But no, I got pearls, the stuff that old ladies wore.
I have grown up since. And I have learned. And now - oh, let's stop the talking.

Have a look at these and tell me it doesn't itch in your fingers to use them.

Just click on the picture. You know you want to ....

You'd like to know more about pearls? Check out this post!

October 9, 2010

Me & Facebook - Romance or Disaster in the making???

So yeah.... I jumped!! After being nagged and shuffed and pulled and pushed by many many MANY others from all around me, now I am officially on Facebook GASP!!!

and I thought such will happen without too many others noticing...... guess I was wrong... but really! I must have broke some kind of record for spamming all my plurk buddies with my constant nags for helps and ask them to "like" me, etc. etc..... so at the end of the day (24 hours) I was able to manage to set up both fan pages! HA! THANK YOU All suckers!! ROFLL!!!! ah no, really! I really really do appreciate all your help and by not disown me from your plurk friends' list due to my spammy messages through my waking hours.... Thank YOU!! :D

So if you are not yet my "friend" or "fan" on my FB pages yet, please add me! I am fairly sure that I can do a good job entertaining you and spam you occasionally with my shop listings and poke you through the days, all of these entertaining to say the least right?? so look that way -----------------------------> you'll see those lovely widget/badge thingamajig for FB, let's get connected shall we?? And please feel free to link me to your fan page so I can "like" you too!!

Ah 'tis all.... Looking forward to interact with you on FB!! You know you want to know what goes on behind this oh-so-normal head of mine......

Until next time....


Gossip Girl....

HAHAAHAHAHHAHAHAHA sorry... couldn't resist.... :P

October 2, 2010

Obsession and Addiction OR The Enabler

My name is Cat. I don't exactly remember when I met Deb online for the first time. It was on Plurk and even if I didn't know it then, my life has not been the same anymore since.
What I clearly remember was how confused I was reading about "the bukkit" all the time. Where was that mysterious bucket and what was it used for? And why on Earth was it so dangerous to dive into it that people asked for search parties and lifelines before going in there? I was afraid to ask.

And then - it's hard to say, let me take a deep breath first .... then it was time for me to get to know "the bukkit" myself. I had only just started making jewelry a few months ago and there it was, a universe of its own, a universe of light, colors, sparkle in all sizes and shapes. No wonder people needed a lifeline, it was only too easy to forget breathing while browsing.

Since then I have spent many a time not only in the bukkit, but also in Deb's bead shops on Etsy and ArtFire (I haven't even started talking about her jewelry shops yet!). I'm sorry, the following is something I have to say, too. I vowed to myself I'd be honest.

Deb's an enabler. Maybe even THE ENABLER. Yes, in large, red letters.

She's luring me in with beautiful pearls in different sizes and colors. She feeds me with tiny sized multi-colored beads that I need for my pieces of jewelry. She sends me faceted beads that are so lovely that I hide them away for that special piece that my muse has to design first.
And I'm sad to say, I love it.
I'm not even ashamed anymore to dance in front of our house when I pull an envelope from Hong Kong out of my mailbox. I bet the whole neighborhood knows Deb's name by now. They probably even know how crazy, helpful, lovely and hilariously funny she can be because they hear me squeak a lot when I'm plurking.

One thing is not her strength, though. Blogging. Not the writing part itself, I'm sure, but the getting herself to do it. That's why I was here today to put my dirty footprints and fingerprints all over this blog.
Maybe it won't be the last time. And maybe I just lost a person whom I never met and whom I still call a friend. I sure hope not ;-)

Now excuse me, I reminded myself that I haven't been to the bukkit for quite some time. I'll put my diver's suit on and go in. Don't wait for me, it could take a while.

They are calling me, can you hear it .................

October 1, 2010

WIN Prizes from Masquerade Clay Ball from Polymer Clay Smoosher

mask by ColtPixy

The Official tone:

As many of you know, the one online social network that I spend a lot of time with is Plurk, and I've had the pleasure of running into and getting to know some great artists and in time become friends with some!! Especially notable is a group of polymer clay artists formed a Guild on ArtFire - Polymer Clay Smoosher. Between you and me, I think this is one of the best Guild on the planet!! Because it's Guild Master is so involved and caring!! Sometimes I wish that I can afford to play with one more craft, just to be involved, know what I mean?

So anyway.... Their annual Masquerade Clay Ball is officially kicked off today!! So starting from October 1st through 31st, we'll be able to feast our eyes on some gorgeously made polymer clay masks from many talented artists!! Comment on their blog for your chance to win some great prizes too!! Check them out at http://polymerclaysmooshers.blogspot.com/2010/10/welcome-to-masquerade-clay-ball.html ! I hope you'll enjoy this as much as I am!!!

The Truth......

OK! I had to blog for my chance to win one of the many great prizes, so here I am!! Such a seasoned blogger that I am, don't you think? So yup!! READ! Comment!! But please don't do it too often so I can have a better chance to win?? :P

Prize by Haffina