October 24, 2010

Pearls, pearls, pearls

Do you know the song "Girls, girls, girls" by Sailor? It always takes me back hearing that song. As I'm an oldie listening to the oldie radio station, I hear it quite often.

"Girls, girls, girls. Yellow, red, black or white, add a little bit of moonlight ..." Oh, so no politically correct any more, but hey, those were the 70s.

Funny enough hearing that song today took me to a different road.
How about "Pearls, pearls, pearls. Silver, peach, brown or gold, great to look at and great to hold ...". Oh come on, so I am no song writer. You still get the drift, don't you? I never used to be much of a pearl person. As a cancerian I was always a little disappointed that my birthstone was not even a stone. A sparkly one, preferrably. With a deep color and fire. But no, I got pearls, the stuff that old ladies wore.
I have grown up since. And I have learned. And now - oh, let's stop the talking.

Have a look at these and tell me it doesn't itch in your fingers to use them.

Just click on the picture. You know you want to ....

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Deb @ Crysallis said...

hey what do you know!! "I" blogged!!! ROFL