February 12, 2009

so....... I've finally made something... or rather, finished something.....

ta da!!!! :D

Frost..... by *CrysallisCreations on deviantART

I am happy!! Really I am... it's been a while since I last finished anything.... sigh.. I wish that I'll be able to carry this on and on but.... with all the pounding and small remodeling that hubby is planning, doesn't looks like that's gonna happen anytime soon.... sigh...

But the positive thing is... we might have a bigger dining room soon!! YAY!!!! And a way spacious entrance, I think that would be lovely... now if only I can get hubby to get some nice marble for the front door eh? heh.... :P

for those of you that care to read.... I am also having a sale with my gemstone beads... I don't do this often, at most twice a year, and only for stocks on hand, so if you're interested in anything better grab them quick!!! Not sure what I'll end up from the March show that's coming up, but yeah.... still need some space you know....

Link to my online album: http://s2.photobucket.com/albums/y48/DJD_Deb/Gemstone/

Don't forget to check those folders on the left column, a lot more hidden in there...

Anyway, hope you're doing well!! Keep your fingers crossed for me that I'll be able to make a few more new things soon eh?



Wan said...

I love that toggle! And that labradorite nugget? Just divine. *drools*

Renovations don’t sound good for the muse. I know. They are building lifts for every level at my place. Going nuts with the drilling. :\ Are you going to invite us all for dinner upon completion? :P

Ooooo...sale. I like the sound of that. LOL. Ya know, I'm going to have a very difficult time parting with those gems I got from you. :(

Deb @ Crysallis said...

awww Wan! HUGS! I thought you have those gems stashed away safely at a corner??? I hope you'll be able to play with them again soon though... bet you miss that huh???

oh yeah.. yet it's not the drilling/pounding that bothers me the most... rather the aftermath.... I hate cleaning to start with and with those dust!! GAH! They have a way to find into the smallest corners you know????? **faint*

Take care young one!! Sending you lots of positive thoughts!! XO

Brandi said...

Again, you're evil (but in the best way!) for having a sale when I'm poor!!! *cries*

But, omg, that necklace is divine, Deb!! I LOVE the toggle, I love the beads, I LOVE IT. LOVE IT.

Btw, you got an award!

Gemheaven said...

Darn Brandi beat me to you lol!!

katja said...

Well, Brandi may have beat me to it, but you're getting one from me anyway:


ShinyAdornments said...

Holy crap Deb! That necklace is DIVINE!!!

You've outdone yourself chica.


The Simply Shiny Blog

Deb @ Crysallis said...

Thank you Kristy!! :D

Orion Designs said...

That necklace is fabulous Deb! Definitely worth waiting for.